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Ultrapower 200


The fantastic new high frequency Ultrapower 200 enables x-rays to be taken accurately and simply time after time.

Instead of referring to your exposure guide, just click the animal type, size and area of interest and the Ultrapower 200 will set the correct exposure factors for you automatically.

Ultrapower 200


  • Fully anatomically programmed.
  • kV range from 30 to 100kV in 2kV steps
  • DR ready. Plug your DR system directly with no additional synchronisation boxes
  • High frequency mA from 25 to 40
  • Wipe clean touch panel display
  • Digital display of kV, mAs and time
  • Automatic line voltage compensation, ensuring output accuracy
  • Audible exposure warning
  • Powered by 13A domestic supply
  • Suitable for use with any of our stands, tables and mountings
  • 5 year extended warranty

Ultrapower 200


kV (2kV steps)   

30 to 60kV
62 to 70kV
72 to 80kV
82 to 100kV


40mA (effective 100mA)
35mA (effective 87.5mA)
30mA (effective 75mA)
25mA (effective 62.5mA)

Source Single phase AC 50/60Hz 240v
Timer 0.01 to 2 seconds
Focal spot 1.2mm x 1.2mm
Filtration 2.7mm Al equivalent
Dimensions  290(w) x 400(l) x 230(h) mm
Total weight 16kg