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Sopix 2 DR Intraoral Digital System


The Sopix 2 DR system uses a state of the art fibre optic CMOS system to give perfect dental images first time every time. Supplied complete with multi user veterinary specific software, the Sopix 2 offers leading edge digital technology with no compromises, resulting in perfect images.

Sopix 2 DR Intraoral Digital System


  • Intuitive veterinary specific software
  • Multi user software with no ongoing software licence costs
  • Available with either size 1 (20x30mm) or size 2 (26x34mm) sensor formats
  • Sensor ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • System readily networked

Sopix 2 DR Intraoral Digital System



Sensor type: Fibre optic CMOS
Pixel size: 20 μm x 20 μm
Resolution: 25lp/mm
Sensor cable length: 3.7m (up to 8.7m with booster)
Connection: USB 2.0
Software provided: Sopro Imaging


Size 1

Active area: 20x30 mm
External dimensions: 25x39mm
Pixels: 1.50 million


Size 2
Active area:
External dimensions: 31x42mm
Pixels: 2.21 million