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eFilm™ Workstation


eFilm™ workstation has become the industry standard DICOM viewing software that extends the scope of both CR and DR systems enabling up to 25000 images to be safe stored, manipulated, sent and distributed in a simple, cost effective and intuitive manner.

eFilm™ Workstation


Standard eFilm™ features

  • Up to 25000 DICOM images securely stored on site for archiving, retrieval and viewing
  • Measurement of length, bisecting angles and areas
  • Images or studies can be transferred to CD or DVD complete with viewing software enabling viewing from any PC. Ideal for clients or farriers
  • Orthopaedic templates optionally available
  • Probably the most popular DICOM viewing software worldwide
  • Available as either as software or pre-loaded onto a correctly specified PC and installed by our engineers
  • For a free 30 day trial click here (download)

eFilm™ Workstation


  • eFilm 3.3 runs with Windows™ 7 and 8 both 32 and 64bit
  • Burns eFilm ™ lite CD’s viewable in both Windows™ 7 and 8
  • Emails Jpeg2000 compressed Dicom images for increased transfer speed
  • Using MS SQL enables a higher number of studies within the study list
  • Better handling of multi-frame images
  • Includes Hanging Protocol and Key Image servers at no additional cost
  • Readily writes to DVD and CD
  • Copy and paste images directly into Windows™ application