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Pspix CR Intraoral Digital System


The suberb new Pspix dental specific intraoral CR system brings quality without compromise to veterinary dental imaging.

In less than two seconds, the tiny new PSpix will produce images of a quality that leave all compromised systems in the shade.

Pspix CR Intraoral Digital System


  • The smallest dental specific CR system available
  • Imaging plate scan time from 1.6 seconds
  • Iintraoral image plate sizes 0,1,2 ,3 and 4 available
  • 10 imaging plates included
  • Simple, clear and intuitive touch screen operation
  • Veterinary specific software
  • Patient name and image preview displayed on the touch screen
  • Automatic CR plate UV disinfection system
  • Readily networked between up to 10 workstations
  • Multi user software, no ongoing licence costs
  • Two year comprehensive warranty

Pspix CR Intraoral Digital System


Theoretical resolution 20 lp/mm
Scan Time (fast mode)   1.6s - 2.7s
Connection Ethernet RJ-45
Dimensions 154(w) x 204(d) x 193(h)mm
Weight 2.6kg
Operating voltage 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Imaging Plates

Dimensions IP Size 0 22 x 35mm
Dimensions IP Size 1 24 x 40mm
Dimensions IP Size 2 31 x 41mm
Dimensions IP Size 3 27 x 54mm
Dimensions IP Size 4
(2 x size 3)
52 x 54mm